Champing at the Bit

by Cheyenne

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Recorded with Acid Pro, thanks Troy!


released December 11, 2011

Troy, Will, Jeremy, Will



all rights reserved


Cheyenne Richmond, Virginia

From Richmond, VA. Thanks for checking us out!

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Track Name: Alec Baldwin Orgy
we all have this feeling ingrained in us, help one another out, it's no simpler. how can we do each other like this, it's hard for me to think, and then my head starts spinning. don't rub your ego in my face (i'll do my best to forget this, i'll move on, no one will remember this, we'll move on). everyone's on the same plane, so how can you rub it in my face. i try to live through fairness, i don't see any other way. i try to live with some patience, in hopes we'll turn out okay.
Track Name: Golden Palms
this falsity proves you, and you think you know just how to act. i'm so sick of half truths and putting the pieces together for myself. how's a half assed effort get a full response? i'm stuck in this place and its so unjunst. take a rest, this atmosphere only exists in your head, i miss you now, i wish you felt the same, but with friends like this i maybe okay. see it through, do what you gotta do, make it happen if you can!
Track Name: High Five
south laurel street, there you'll see high fives all around. walked around through trees, laid on rocks, we treaded our feet through water, and we never got caught.
Track Name: Third Floor
I clocked in on time today. There goes my night but I can't complain because nights in here are better than anywhere out there.

What about the sun? What's the point? I feel like I'm missing my friends, disconnected, isolated, cut off in here. The sun sets again and I move on, there's nothing I can do but be in here.

And I'll do it again as soon as I have to.